Products - Cans for Sweets
Open top sanitary (OTS) cans are also used in packing various types of Indian Sweets such as Rasgulla, Gulab jamun, Rasmalai, Balushahi, Kunda etc.

OTS cans are available with Easy Open Ends up to 99 mm (401 dia) or with Open Tops. These cans are manufactured from prime quality electrolytic tinplate with suitable coating. The internal lacquering, that acts as a protective barrier, is selected as per the products to be packed. The cans can be printed, decorative gold lacquered or clear lacquered as per the customer's specifications.
Range of OTS cans for packing processed foods
Trade name Size of the Can Capacity
4 ½ oz 300 x 203 25g
No.1 Tall 300 x 409 500g
A2 ½ 401 x 411 1kg
A10 603 x 700 4kg