Preservation of food in cans has been the most widely used and popular method since the 1800s. Because of their long shelf-life, metals cans have enabled use of products from remote areas and even non-seasonal produce. A versatile packaging solution for a range of products like food, beverages, chemicals, chocolates, and paint, metal cans have become an indispensible part of our life.

At Kaira Can, every product we shape is a result of meticulous production capabilities, built over decades of experience. Right from assessing the customers' food products and their protection requirement to designing a suitable container, we offer innovative packaging solutions that:
assure air tight, pilfer proof protection to food products
are strong and tested to endure weight
can be customised as per given specifications
provide an excellent printable surface
are environment friendly and easily recyclable
We manufacture a range of OTS and general purpose cans for packing processed foods, ready-to-eat foods, canned vegetables, fruit pulp, juices, pickles, dairy products, etc; and aerosol cans for deodorants, room fresheners, pesticides, etc. Our containers, available in different sizes (with or without printing), are designed to preserve the goodness of nature's produce and bring about customer delight.