Kaira Can is the leading exporter of cans and components worldwide. We produce superior quality components such as Ring Lid Tagger assemblies and bottoms for exports. These components are made on high speed presses and assembled on Ring Lid Tagger assembly machines, so as to have better lid and tagger fitment. They are available in diameters ranging from 52 mm (202 dia) to 189 mm (709 dia).

We also export cans in both flattened and built-up conditions. One of the most preferred suppliers of OTS cans we ensure that every product leaves our manufacturing facilities with a stamp of excellence. Being a star-rated export house, all our products conform to international standards and specifications.
Product Range
Components 202dia(52mm), 300dia(73mm), 307dia(83mm), 401dia(99mm), 404dia(105mm), 502dia(127mm), 509dia(137mm), 603dia(153mm), 700dia(175mm), 709dia(189mm) RLT with or with out bottoms
Built-up Cans From 202 dia. to 700 dia.
Flattened Cans From 300 dia. to 700 dia.