Products - Cans for Dairy Products
These cans are used for a variety of dairy products such as baby food, ghee, cheese, butter, condensed milk, etc. These are manufactured from prime electrolytic tinplate with suitable tin coating and thickness.

The superior quality of these cans preserve the aroma and flavours of the products and prevent them from contamination and spoilage.

Dairy cans are available with the outside printed and with Ring Lid Tagger Top type or with Easy Open Tops. Smaller diameter cans are available necked in at top and bottom.
Generally used cans sizes
Item Size of the Can Capacity
½ kg Milk Powder 401 x 504 500gms
1 kg Milk Powder 502 x 605 1 kg
1 Ltr. Ghee 401 x 512 1 Ltr.
2 Ltrs. Ghee 502 x 700 2 Ltrs.
5 Ltrs. Ghee 700 x 900 5 Ltrs.
Cheese Cans 401 x 206 400g
Butter Cans 401 x 208 400g
Condensed Milk 209/211 x 400 400g